Slipped The Driver My Business Card

When I got my paycheck I had planned on going and purchasing some new furniture. My couch was old and smelly from my dog sleeping on it while I am at work. This time I plan on buying a couch cover that is washable so that she can’t stink it up anymore. My recliner was broken and would not even recline back anymore so that was the first one to go directly out to the garbage! The love seat was in fair condition and I gave that to my neighbors because I wanted everything to match.

I looked in the paper and found a great sale on the perfect set and the color that I was interested in. My salesperson was great and found a way to get me another discount. The delivery driver was very flirty with me as he was carrying in my new furniture. I let him know that I am a Nottingham escorts companion and I slipped him my business card.